Dr. Úna Monaghan wants to hear from everyone aged 18+ who has a story about gender and Irish traditional and folk music. 

'I believe that real experiences and stories have the power to explain issues effectively and bring about positive change.

The FairPlé movement has ignited a discussion in Irish Traditional Music about gender balance, but I am hearing from some people that they do not see a problem. I would like to gather information, across all those involved in Irish traditional music, in whatever capacity they play, sing or listen, to address questions in relation to gender in Irish traditional and folk music. I am doing some research to collect experiences so that I can get a better picture of the issues.

In many cases these are subtle happenings. Sometimes they are serious and require privacy. Sometimes people would rather not speak publicly.

It may be possible to use many stories to get an idea of the bigger picture - how language, behaviour and attitudes may contribute to the real disparity we see later in festival lineups and awards ceremonies. The more people contribute, the better we can understand. Through the collective voice, through a body of stories, through noting patterns, we will be able to draw attention to the subtle causes of the imbalance. 

The questionnaire is completely anonymous. If you are over 18 and have any story or a comment relating to gender in Irish Traditional Music, please contribute - no story is too big or too small. This does not need to be something you experienced, it can be something you've noticed, or witnessed. It takes less than 10 minutes, depending on how long your contribution is. If I have been in touch with you previously, or you have shared on social media, please submit your story here - this research can only take into account submissions via this anonymous questionnaire. Any questions, please email me at .

I have made a short VIDEO with some examples, and to explain the background to the research. 

There are more details about the survey HERE 

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Survey - LINK

Video - LINK