Mission Statement

FairPlé aims to achieve gender balance in the production, performance, promotion, and development of Irish traditional and folk music. We advocate for equal opportunity and balanced representation for all.  

We seek to do this through: 

• Initiating a discussion in relation to gender-balance and fair practice at work in all capacities. 

• Advocacy, mentoring programmes, and promoting more equal opportunity for women in the industry. 

We will achieve this by: 

• Organising a two-day event focused on addressing the gender deficit in traditional and folk music. This will feature a gender-balanced concert, panel discussions with music industry professionals, academics and musicians with a focused section for 18-25 year old women and men.  

• Holding a day of positive musical activism, promoting balance, inclusivity and creativity to raise audience awareness and support our members. 

• Creating a global support network through our website and social media. 

• Compiling a directory of female musicians for festivals, promoters, venues, musicians and educators. 

• Connecting with the Arts Council, third level academic commentators and other stakeholders to develop an evidence-based approach to the collection of gender-equality data in the folk and traditional music sectors. 

FairPlé invites participation from ALL, we are an inclusive, grass-roots organization founded in recognition of the true ethos of folk music; music by all, for all.