June 9th 2018 - FairPlé Day - Call to Action 

Here's how you can get involved in FairPlé's Call to Action:

1. Caint, Ceol agus Craic: Play your part in this national and global movement by starting a conversation about women in Irish traditional and folk music. Organise a FairPlé session, a sing song, a concert, or an event in your local area on FairPlé Day (9th June). 

2. Lead: Co-ordinate with your regional FairPlé liaison and keep us informed of your plans. (We encourage inclusivity as a core feature of all FairPlé events).

3. Spread the word: Publicise your event however you can. Use the hashtag #FairPlé on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media. Share the hashtag with all your participants and encourage video and photo posts.

4. Subscribe: Ask your participants and audience to sign up and subscribe to FairPlé: https://www.fairple.com/join-us/

To connect with a liaison in your area, email them at the following - fairpleday@gmail.com